Cacophany Arkestra was created by Bob Heath as a  carnival arts/music project in 2014. The idea was to introduce a group of talented musicians to Carnival and to develop them so they could create art and perform in a variety of settings. We have received funding for the project from Arts Council England, Preston City Council and Lancashire County Council. We started by performing Soca and Calypso tunes at Caribbean carnival events. However the band is constantly developing how we play these tunes and blends other musical styles into the mix such as jazz and afrobeat to suit the musical situation.

Carnival events can typically last for 3 hours so extended versions of the tunes are played sometimes lasting as long as 20 minutes. This allows for exploration of the tune and musical freedom of expression for the musicians with an emphasis on both improvisation and maintaining a groove throughout the set.

The band has played a number of other events with shorter tune lengths, adapting the set to suite venue and type of event.